My emphasis is on quality – we can talk about the rest.


I translate texts from various fields (see Specialist fields). I can guarantee high-quality work here through my experience of many years and the use of quality assurance measures. I am happy to familiarise myself with any related topics.


of every kind of text 
This includes checking for spelling, translation and grammatical errors and correcting them. If desired I can also check the style and flow of your text.


You can speak English or French but are not sure whether you have understood a paper or discourse properly? I can gladly produce an overview or summary of your text.


Are you interested in a particular topic and looking for information? Do you need a glossary or an overview of specialist terms? Do you want to know what your competitors are putting together abroad? Please enquire.

Office work

You want to have a text typed or a document put into a particular form? I can put different kinds of documents into various formats (word, excel, ppt, pdf, itd, ttx, ....) and on to various storage media (paper, CD, flash drive, ...) Please enquire.

Other language requirements?

Please enquire.